MFT Security: Trust Nothing. Verify Always.

Data security and reliability are the most critical expectations of a Managed File Transfer solution in our data-driven world. Organizations need to transfer data and files between people, partners, businesses, and applications – without worrying that a file will land in the wrong hands. How people secure MFT looks different than it did ten or twenty years ago: nowadays, […]

Is it time to break up with your MFT provider? Here’s how Axway MFT compares to other MFT vendors

Maybe it came after a major announcement, or perhaps it was one too many missed connections. Either way, you’re not quite sure anymore that your MFT vendor is living up to your expectations. And that’s a problem you can’t afford to have. Managed File Transfer fuels mission-critical processes around the world. It continues to be an […]

What does it mean for MFT to be intelligent?

Managed File Transfer has evolved significantly since its early days decades ago: modern MFT solutions offer features such as workflows automation, high availability,  analytics, and audit capabilities for compliance, as well as advanced security protocols and encryption. But another big change in the world of MFT is the sheer volume of file transfers combined with a changing […]