IoT, API Management & CX.

Open Banking

Open banking is an API-fueled financial ecosystem where banks share financial information in a simple, secure, and transparent way. Open banking APIs put consumers back in control of their financial data. This leads to a better ability to manage money across as many providers as needed.

API Management

Master today's complex API landscape and drive consumption of APIs among developers and partners with the Amplify API Management Platform. As the only open platform for API management, Amplify lets you discover, use, and govern APIs across multiple gateways, vendors, and environments.

Customer Experience

Customer service is about more than the customer. It’s about your business and your teams, too. Zendesk not only makes things easy on your customers, but sets your teams up for success, and keeps your business in sync. It’s everything you need, in one powerful package.


Sales teams need to be savvier than ever. With Zendesk Sell, build data-driven teams to unlock team productivity, keep up with customer expectations, and get full pipeline visibility.

Field Service

Leverage the power of Zendesk with Zuper intelligent field service management to digitize, automate and optimize your field service operations.

//Our Process

Our methodology in 6 steps

We work with the client from early stages, with our own framework based on 6 steps, which incorporates different methodologies and techniques that allow us to understand your business and define new models to go together into the digital world:

Analyze business model
Develop strategic plan
Funcionality & Information.
Quality Assurance.
Let´s fly and growth!
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Proven methodology.

01 Analyze client's business model.

We begin by analyzing the client's business model and industry, and then work together to evaluate disruptive models that allow them to make a qualitative leap within their industry or venture into others.

03 Funcionality & Information.

We provide the necessary functionality and information to interact with the target channels in each of the processes (B2C, B2B, E2B).

05 Quality Assurance

We ensure that the relationship with all people and through all digital channels is optimal, incorporating the appropriate processes and technology.

02 Develop a strategic plan.

We develop a strategic plan based on the business and analyze its impact on the processes. We determine where the impact of technology can be differential and how to implement it.

04 Integrations.

We make the necessary developments or integrations for the interaction with clients and other actors, incorporating information from devices or external sources that are necessary.

06 Let´s fly and growth!

Once the project is finished, the only thing left to do is to grow the business and you can count on our support and experience if you require it.