Optimize Security and Surveillance Business With Technology

ecurity and surveillance installation and repair businesses may cover a wide range of services that require high maintenance and have their own management challenges. Security companies’ fundamental problem is managing entire operations with limited resources and low-cost tools. The security and surveillance installation business is highly sensitive as bookings arrive during emergencies. Retaining industrial, commercial, […]

MFT Security: Trust Nothing. Verify Always.

Data security and reliability are the most critical expectations of a Managed File Transfer solution in our data-driven world. Organizations need to transfer data and files between people, partners, businesses, and applications – without worrying that a file will land in the wrong hands. How people secure MFT looks different than it did ten or twenty years ago: nowadays, […]

Secure your Customer Experience with Zuper

While every service technician’s job is essential, it’s a matter of safety in the security space. In fact, around 38% of homes use some type of home security technology to help safeguard their property and personal safety. So, whether a customer is calling to have a new system installed due to a string of break-ins nearby or […]