Deploy an API Builder Container to

In a prior blog post we looked at how to deploy API Builder Docker containers on Railway. In this blog post, we’ll look at another hosting platform, that also offers a free tier that is useful for development, testing, and proof of concepts. We’ll walk step by step through how to deploy an API Builder container to For […]

What are API standards?

API is an abbreviation for Application Programming Interface. As organizations around the world are opening up to partners and embracing data sharing via APIs, they’re finding that it is extremely useful to have a common technical language. API standards help streamline the exchange of information so that organizations can communicate at the speed of business. In […]

What is an API call?

The functionality of application programming interfaces (APIs) is built upon several layers — one of which includes requests made to APIs to retrieve a service or data, or what’s otherwise known as an API call. To further explain what an API call is, let’s start with the basics of APIs. The wave of API adoption […]

Digital disruptions in retail

In this special Transform It Forward mini series, I’m stepping back from the content we’ve produced so far to connect the dots. Over the next few episodes, I’m taking a look back at some key clips from past interviews that share common elements, or discuss similar industries. Today, we’re exploring an industry that’s seen plenty of […]

Is it time to break up with your MFT provider? Here’s how Axway MFT compares to other MFT vendors

Maybe it came after a major announcement, or perhaps it was one too many missed connections. Either way, you’re not quite sure anymore that your MFT vendor is living up to your expectations. And that’s a problem you can’t afford to have. Managed File Transfer fuels mission-critical processes around the world. It continues to be an […]

What does it mean for MFT to be intelligent?

Managed File Transfer has evolved significantly since its early days decades ago: modern MFT solutions offer features such as workflows automation, high availability,  analytics, and audit capabilities for compliance, as well as advanced security protocols and encryption. But another big change in the world of MFT is the sheer volume of file transfers combined with a changing […]