The role of API marketplaces in positive business outcomes

This message — one delivered by Jaime Ryan, VP of Product Management for Amplify API Management Platform, in a recent webinar on API marketplaces — suggests that we’ve hit a new window of time in API adoption. APIs have gained widespread acceptance and are built to deliver internal and external support. In fact, of the 71% of businesses […]

Do you need an API Marketplace?

Key Takeaways An API Marketplace is a place to collect and expose APIs, both internally and externally.  The difference with an API portal is that API marketplaces focus on API products as business interfaces, and they offer features tailored to this goal. API marketplaces can help drive API consumption, tame complexity, promote a business focus […]

Automating paper product supply with Amplify API Management

Santher is a Brazilian home & personal care brand that manufactures paper products like packaging, toilet paper, feminine pads, and diapers. The company produces some 180 thousand tons of paper every year, putting Santher among the 15 biggest companies worldwide in terms of production capacity. With that amount of paper going through its factories and […]

Announcing a new kind of API marketplace. Yours.

What if you made API consumption faster and easier? What if app developers didn’t have to hunt around for the right API because it’s already packaged and neatly categorized in a central API marketplace you built, where it can be found and adopted instantly? Think of how quickly you can move your new digital initiative to market. […]

MFT Security: Trust Nothing. Verify Always.

Data security and reliability are the most critical expectations of a Managed File Transfer solution in our data-driven world. Organizations need to transfer data and files between people, partners, businesses, and applications – without worrying that a file will land in the wrong hands. How people secure MFT looks different than it did ten or twenty years ago: nowadays, […]

Introducing: Not your grandpa’s MFT, a vlog series

In a world where short attention spans are drawn by the latest thing that glitters, we rarely pause to consider the workhorses that make our digital world go round. Well, we want to change that. Managed File Transfer powers mission-critical business around the world, every minute of every day. But not everyone wants to get into the […]

Revolutionizing the customer experience

With an ever-evolving tech landscape, stiff competition and an undeniably changing world, marketers seem to have more to contend with today than ever before. Looking at the landscape through a critical lens is essential if we hope to stay ahead of the competition and optimize our outcomes.  In the most recent episode of Transform It Forward, […]