Transform Your Field Service Management With Digital Payments

Collecting customer payments does not usually inspire people to start a field service business. Many field service businesses have to struggle with some customers who delay their payments. In addition, the pandemic-induced economic downturn has led to late payments, leading to major cash flow issues, which can overwhelm even a successful business. Not only is […]

Customer Service Week: 8 ideas to celebrate on a budget

Customer service jobs have never been easy, but agents have faced exceptional challenges the past few years. Throughout the pandemic, customer support agents dutifully fielded a sky-high number of queries from customers worried about canceled flights, ambiguous insurance conditions, delayed packages, and other urgent and emotionally loaded issues. As we move forward, customer engagement continues […]

Introducing: Not your grandpa’s MFT, a vlog series

In a world where short attention spans are drawn by the latest thing that glitters, we rarely pause to consider the workhorses that make our digital world go round. Well, we want to change that. Managed File Transfer powers mission-critical business around the world, every minute of every day. But not everyone wants to get into the […]

Revolutionizing the customer experience

With an ever-evolving tech landscape, stiff competition and an undeniably changing world, marketers seem to have more to contend with today than ever before. Looking at the landscape through a critical lens is essential if we hope to stay ahead of the competition and optimize our outcomes.  In the most recent episode of Transform It Forward, […]

Fall for these new integrations

Fall is here…along with new Zendesk app integrations. Learn all about how these integrations can help out your sales and support teams.   Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your team provide top-quality experiences. (Support) empowers teams to run incidents end-to-end. Rapidly fix and learn from incidents, so you can build […]

Deploy an API Builder Container to

In a prior blog post we looked at how to deploy API Builder Docker containers on Railway. In this blog post, we’ll look at another hosting platform, that also offers a free tier that is useful for development, testing, and proof of concepts. We’ll walk step by step through how to deploy an API Builder container to For […]