Automating paper product supply with Amplify API Management

Santher is a Brazilian home & personal care brand that manufactures paper products like packaging, toilet paper, feminine pads, and diapers. The company produces some 180 thousand tons of paper every year, putting Santher among the 15 biggest companies worldwide in terms of production capacity. With that amount of paper going through its factories and warehouses, the company depends on a high level of automation to keep up the pace and meet demand. Here’s a snapshot of how Santher digitally transformed with Axway’s Amplify API Management Platform.

A brief history of Santher

Founded in 1938, Santher originally focused on producing packaging paper, then entered the consumer market in the 60s when it started producing napkins and later hygiene products and diapers. Today, it serves end consumers with its household and personal hygiene products, and supplies businesses with paper products for offices and facilities. It also continues to produce packaging for food products and merchandise.

That’s a staggering amount of paper, and Santher strives to ensure that the raw materials used in its products come from forests managed in an ecologically adequate, socially fair, and economically viable way.

Santher also continues to invest in high tech equipment, starting with product manufacturing all the way through distribution and sales. The distribution center in Bragança, in the state of São Paulo, has a high level of automation and the most modern fire prevention system in Brazil’s tissue industry.

Scaling production through automation

When Santher adopted Axway’s Amplify API Management Platform as part of its digital transformation, the company gained:

  • Greater process control
  • Continuous automated exchange monitoring
  • Independent systems integration
  • More efficient operations

Now, Santher engineers can pinpoint potential failures and errors before they impact operations, and the higher level of software integration means they can drive processes from the end of the production line all the way to labeling and assembly.

And with Amplify’s integrated API security systems, Santher benefits from greater peace of mind, with control and visibility over its manufacturing and distribution process from start to end.

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